First post!


Yeah, it’s me, the blogger. For those who doesn’t know, my name is Alex, I’m 17 and Italian (y’all can find further informations in the “About Me” page, the more you know…)

I should definitely be studying right now but I am so eager about this blog and I couldn’t resist the temptation to write this first post!

Easter holidays are starting in one days and then I will finally be able to finish some project I’ve really procrastinated lately. If you’re reading this and you have homework to do, do ’em! (Right after you finish to read this post because me > homework – actually everything > homework) You will thank me later, I can promise you that.

Yeah ok this is it for now.

Kinda weak post but I have a few ideas for future posts, maybe they will turn into a video or maybe they will turn into a blog post… who knows. I don’t for sure.

See you soon cool people.


Alex :)